No Safe Experience

“No Safe Experience” is a New Hampshire-based, statewide campaign that focuses on awareness by educating youth, young adults and families of the dangers and prevalence of fentanyl in illicit drugs.



Reach Those at Risk

The No Safe Experience campaign seeks to target individuals who may be inclined to try substances without fully understanding what they are, where they came from and what might actually be in them.


Facts, Not Fear

Use facts and education as the greatest tool in preventing substance misuse and premature loss of life.


Help Educate

Help educate parents to encourage them to have a conversation with their children and friends about the presence of fentanyl in communities, and the danger this poses.


Many organizations are involved in the No Safe Experience campaign and committed to getting the word out on the risks and dangers of fentanyl is a shared goal. They include organizations representing healthcare behavioral health, prevention, law enforcement, education and more.