Education toolkit

for schools

A key component of the campaign is to provide school districts with access to materials that could be used to help better educate youth.  Find and download these materials below.


Informational Rack Card

A starter kit will be provided to your school with rack cards to distribute to students in seventh grade and above. If needed, print more rack cards in-house.

Letter to Parents

A templated letter to parents that encourages them to talk to their children about fentanyl awareness. All you need to do is add your school letterhead and administrator signature to it and it’s ready to go.

Available Resources Sheet

There are a growing number of resources available to individuals, parents, schools and communities on fentanyl use and its presence in substances, powders and pills.

Informational Poster

A starter kit will be provided to your school with 11” x 14” posters to hang in bathrooms, classrooms, offices, and other community areas focused on seventh graders and above. If needed, print more posters in-house.

Fentanyl Facts Presentation Graphics

Use these graphics to educate and spread the word. Imagery files include fentanyl facts that can be incorporated into a presentation for your classroom.

Resources Graphics